About Us

Sustainably sourced, conscientiously crafted, responsibly packaged. Products that nourish our skin while protecting the planet.

In the world of skincare, ‘clean’ is getting dirty. Marketing gimmicks, never ending no-no lists, and empty claims can’t hide the prevalence of inferior ingredients and destructive processes. No one is perfect, but we can all be better. That’s why we promise to always adapt and evolve, setting the bar higher and earning your trust every day.

Cyan aims to elevate your expectations for skincare. Our pharmacopeia-grade ingredients are blended in small batches in FDA-certified labs. In a largely unregulated industry, Cyan’s commitment to safety, efficacy, and transparency redefines the concept of ‘clean.’

We’re building a community with communication at its core. By making only those products that you truly want to use and share, we can reduce clutter and waste. You have a voice, and we want to hear it.

Ocean-derived, planet-approved circular skincare for all.

We’re committed to circular beauty: skincare that comes full circle. From our processes to our products, we’re reducing our footprint to maximize our impact.